Ok a little about me and my wonderful family. I really do think I have it pretty good:) I live in a beautiful 1879 Queen Anne Victorian small mansion, no we are not rich by any means but when she was built she was the largest private home in our town. Main street in our town is lined with the most beautiful Victorian homes I have ever seen. Our home was built by a barge builder who supplied mule drawn barges for the old Erie and Oneida Canal systems. Part of the old Oneida Canal is actually in our back yard...thats cool!!

The carriage house that kept the mules and cows way back when is still here too, it has a new roof but other than that it is still just like it was when it was being used 130 years ago, the stalls are even still there and we have no plans on changing that at all, why mess with history. Going back to the house for a minute may give you a little glimps of why I have a love of Steampunk. The dining room light chandelier used to be a gas light, years ago they converted to electric but the oil lever is still there and the light switch in the grand foyer is actually a push button one with mother of pearl inlay.

Oh and the best thing about all of this, the key to my front door is a real honest to goodness 1879 skeleton key:) I was born to live the steampunk life and supply you with all the steampunk goodies I can think of.

My children, well 3 great boys 21,18,9. The oldest it working on getting his HVAC license and still lives here with mom, sorry Im selfish and love the fact that hes still home:) The 21 year old is serving our country in Korea...man do we miss him, GO ARMY!! I am scared to death but very very proud of him and the choices he has made for his future. Oh last but certainly not least, my 12 year old....lol just the cutest thing, loves to help me in the studio. These 3 men, they are the reason I get up in the morning, they let me stay in the studio for 14-17 hours a day if I need to, and right now are in the middle of re-doing 2 spare rooms upstairs for my new studio, Its going to be great to have more room.

Oh please forgive me for my lack of photography skills, I am a one woman show all the way....ordering supplies, filling orders, thinking of great pieces to keep all of you coming back to see "what she has come up with next", all of the shipping and all of the dreaded photography....while I have a great family, the "trunk" as it is called here, is mine all mine, awful pictures and all, bear with me, its a learning experience...I promise ill get better and you'll be pleasantly surprised when you receive your piece.

Thank you for taking a peek into the life of me:)

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